The Last Great Climb at KMF

Leo Houlding made an unusual entrance to introduce the Northern Premier of “The Last Great Climb” at Kendal Mountain Film festival. He arrived on skis, clad in a massive polar “onesie”, with a rack of big wall gear, dragging a fully laden pulk!


Leo lies down back stage so Andy Perkins, Master of Ceremonies can help him remove skis and boots before climbing onto the stage.


Leo Houlding is almost at the lectern and still attached to the harness and traces as Andy Perkins wrestles the awkward pulk into submission.


Phew! Made it. Leo Houlding in full polar gear introducing “The Last Great Climb” to an appreciative audience of 800 at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival.


The bright red polar “onesie” disguised Leo Houlding’s 007 film premier outfit. Ulvetanna team members assemble on stage as Andy Perkins summarises their achievement to an appreciative audience after the premier of The Last Great Climb at KMF.


Alastair Lee showed unseen footage and gave the audience an insight into the making of the film, along with behind the scenes tomfoolery. “The Last Great Climb” won a well deserved Judges Film Craft Award at Kendal.


Andy Perkins summing up after the Northern Premier of “The Last Great Climb”


Team KragRags studying the 3D model of Ulvetanna and congratulating Leo Houlding (looking like 007 in his DJ) after the screening of “The Last Great Climb” at KMF. Our front row seats next to Leo and the other team members gave us a privileged insight into the sense of humour that was such a vital element of their success in Antarctica.

All pictures ©Nigel Braggins Nov 2013

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