Lucy Creamer – Masterclass

The Telegraph Outdoor and Adventure Travel Show at Excel was rammed. The enormous venue in Docklands was packed with people and frenetic activity. But a cordoned off area provided a haven for quiet concentration as a few lucky climbers focused on their technique under the expert eye of Britain’s most accomplished female climber.


Lucy Creamer is a true all rounder, equally at home on rock or ice. Her competition results are impressive and include: British Bouldering Champion, British Masters Champion and seven times (yes 7 x) British Leading Champion.


What characterised her Masterclass Technique session on Saturday though, was not her own extraordinary climbing accomplishments. It was more the unassuming way in which she engaged with the climbers, who listened attentively to her every word. Each person came away feeling they had benefited from Lucy’s personal, undivided attention for an hour and a half. That’s a pretty neat achievement in a mixed ability group.


Lucy’s natural coaching skills shone through, along with her obvious enthusiasm and desire to share all that’s good about the sport. Although she is still recovering from injury, you would never have guessed it from the way she moved smoothly around ROKT’s unique hexagon system boulders. We all hope she makes a good recovery and returns to full fitness again soon.


Everyone really appreciated the time, consideration and energy Lucy Creamer and the other professional climbers brought to these useful and inspiring sessions.


DMM appeared to be the only manufacturer selling climbing gear at the show and there were some great bargains to be had on their stand. Their test rig also destroyed lots of kit (old and new) to give us an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the protection we rely on when we’re climbing.


It is a testament to DMM’s long-standing commitment to the sport, quality driven approach and genuine interest in our safety, that they once again laid on these excellent technique masterclasses, along with some very well attended AMI (Association of Mountaineering Instructors) and BMG (British Mountain Guides) workshops, in conjunction with Beacon Climbing. Well done folks and thank you.

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