Cool music and hot rock

This 3 minute video condenses the essence of an adventurous, multi-pitch rock climb on a new route in the stunning location of Taskra East Pillars in the Moroccan Anti Atlas.

This 1st ascent was lead in 6 pitches by Mike “Twid” Turner and seconded by Nigel Braggins (filming with GoPro head cam on helmet mount) and Martin Bischoff.  The route was named “Keep Taking the Pillars” because of its proximity to the 2* Classic “Multiple Pillars of Pleasure”, also graded HVS, first climbed by Messrs. Bonnington and Little (yes that Bonnington), 4 years ago.

“Keep Taking the Pillars” has the makings of another classic and shares a brief move with the Bonnington/Little route, at the airy step from the top of the final pillar to regain the main wall (01:55 in the video), before the 6th pitch.

We climbed the 280m route in 6 pitches but one of these was a full 60m run out, so probably better to repeat it in 7 pitches (using 60m ropes).

Twid recorded the route in the New Routes book at the Kasbah Tizourgane. It will be included in the next supplement of “Morocco Rock”, the excellent guide book to this remote area. In fact, the only other climbers at the crag were “Crack Addicts”, Emma Alsford and Paul Donnithorne, publishers of the guide book. They appear in the video, high on an adjacent buttress, as they climb another new route.

The music soundtrack is the icing on the rock cake. It is a chord-rich, instrumental arrangement of Bill Withers’ classic “Lovely Day” and was played and recorded especially for this video by “Shorthand”, the talented Hertfordshire based acoustic guitar duo of Tom Braggins and Rohan Byrt. More info and contact details for inquiries and bookings here

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