So, I was in Alaska this weekend

It was tough. Luckily British Mountain Guides Jon Bracey and Matt Helliker lead all the hard pitches – come to think of it, that’s all the pitches.

OK, so I wasn’t actually in Alaska this weekend. But for a while I was transported there via the special screening of “Citadel” at the Kendal Mountain Festival and it was even more awesome than the tantalising trailer suggested it would be.

It had all the essential elements for a successful adventure film: outrageous objective, lows, highs, human frailty, (excessive frequency of bowel movements), courage, strength, determination, jeopardy, realism (because it really happened) failure and …..

…. I won’t spoil it, you’ll have to see it for yourself.

The director of Citadel has a glittering track record for creating award winning films of improbable climbs: “The Last Great Climb”, “Autana” and “The Asgard Project” to name but a few of his epic productions.

If you want to travel to the icy wilderness of Alaska to make a first ascent of a pristine peak from the comfort of your own armchair, you can order the full version of “Citadel” from Alastair Lee’s Posing Productions here.

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