Group shelters well worth the weight ? Good result in the Cairngorms- Mountain Safety Lecture dates.

A group shelter is always well worth the weight


From Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team Facebook.

Cairngorm MRT - Have a safe winter. Cairngorm MRT – Have a safe winter.

“Full team call out last night. 2 climbers encountered vicious winds on the plateau resulting in abseiling back down their route and being unable to extract themselves. Weather was too wild and cloud too low for the helicopter to assist. Team carried out line searches and using SARLOC located the casualties who were able to walk themselves off the hill. Being well equipped with a group shelter and spare clothes, and making good decisions contributed to a good outcome for the climbers.” Well done all concerned.

  • “Experience is gained through making sure you learn from your experiences both good and bad.”

Shelter in action. Shelter in action. A Lifesaver in so many cases.

When I joined mountain Rescue in 1972 the RAF Teams had very basic group shelters made by Safety equipment on the camp. They were in these days…

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