Ethical Clothing

"Climber Change" label (underside). Click image to enlarge.

“Climber Change” label (underside).

KragRags clothing is designed to make you look good and feel good. Not just on the outside but on the inside too.

Neck hem, stitching detail and Earth Positive label. Click image to enlarge.

Neck hem, stitching detail and Earth Positive label.

Verified Ethical Manufacture:
“Earth Positive” garment production complies with the Fair Wear Foundation Code of Labour Practices, in accordance with the International Labour Organisation’s conventions. ie No poorly paid sweatshop labour.

"Climber Change" label (outside). Click image to enlarge.

“Climber Change” label (outside)

100% Organic products:
Our “Climbing Pro” and “Climber Change” garments are made from organic Indian cotton and the production process is controlled and certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard. Under the organic standard, farmers and agricultural workers are protected by stringent social criteria, total traceability across the entire supply chain, and also by the ban on the use of poisonous chemicals that can severely damage the health of farmers and their families.

Reduced CO2 Footprint:
These garments have been made in manufacturing facilities powered by green renewable energy (solar and wind), from low-impact raw materials. In other words better for our world than T-shirts made cheaply – at the expense of our planet and its people.

"Climbing Pro"™ M's slim fit T, Blue Sky. Click image to enlarge.

“Climbing Pro”™ M’s slim fit T, Blue Sky.

We think it is worth paying a little more to ensure these standards are met. And we think most climbers and outdoor enthusiasts do too.

We want to create distinctive products that will stand the test of time but not cost us the Earth.

That is why we are championing CO2 neutral “Earth Positive” garments and “Climber Change”. You can wear these labels with pride and help spread the word about the problems caused by intensive, farming and sweatshop labour. The long-term benefits of ethical production, 100% organic cotton and Fair Wear working practices are priceless.

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