KragRags – clothes for climbers, designed by climbers.

KragRags is a small, specialist brand dedicated to making clothes for climbers. If we’re not out climbing (see here), we’re busy creating comfortable, high quality clobber for men and women, that you will want to wear and wear.

If you share our passion for ice-climbing, rock climbing, bouldering, deep water soloing, mountaineering, alpinism, skiing and adventures off the beaten track – you’ll love our new range of clothing. Only available from specialist outdoor retailers here.

KragRags will be arriving at a crag near you soon.

To find out where you can buy our cool new T-shirts, hoodies and goodies, for men and women, or follow us via the “Climbing Blog” tab.

The KragRags logo is a Registered Trade Mark of Nigel Braggins. Unless otherwise stated, all content on this web site, along with all KragRags product designs are © Nigel Braggins 2013. All rights reserved. Nigel Braggins Design Ltd. Registered Co. No: 02801547 Incorporated: 18/03/1993


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